Free Harry Potter Cross Stitch Pattern Logo

Harry Potter Preview

Cross Stitch Pattern of the Harry Potter logo. The pattern actually looks a little different from this picture but I’m too lazy to update it with the changes. Thanks to Ultimate Hammer Bro for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Harry Potter Pattern

Grid Size: 142W x 54H
Design Area: 10.00″ x 3.71″ (140 x 52 stitches)
Colors: 7

Harry Potter Pattern_Page_1

I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far without making a Harry Potter post. I was really into Harry Potter as a kid. At first, I didn’t want to read it because it was popular, but I’m so glad I caved to peer pressure. I remember playing some of the games too. We had Philosopher’s Stone for the Playstation and I remember it being really frustrating. I loved exploring and collecting all the beans and cards but some of the platforming was horrible and I hated the minigame you played when mixing a potion. I’d probably be better at it if I played it now, but back then, that minigame was the worst. I loved learning all sorts of new spells, then when you get to the final boss fight with Quirrel, you only use the first spell you learn… FLIPENDO!

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