Free Stranger Things Cross Stitch Pattern Logo

Stranger Things Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Stranger Things logo. I know you can find this elsewhere, but I didn’t like the way any of them looked so I made my own. This one’s free too, so it’s the best. Download the PDF here: Stranger Things Pattern

Grid Size: 111W x 42H
Design Area: 7.79″ x 2.86″ (109 x 40 stitches)
Colors: 2

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Stranger Things Pattern_Page_1

I made this pattern for two reasons: one, Stranger Things is an amazing show with solid plot and lots of intrigue, and two, I wanted to peeve off all the people who are selling similar patterns on Etsy. Not like I would do that no, never. (Shameless plug) The thing is I understand why people sell fandom patterns. I know it takes time to make them, but I also really want everyone to share in what I like and that’s why I made this free post on the same day as my Patreon only post. Oh and watch out, the backstitches in this one are kind of hard to see since they’re black, but I couldn’t figure out how to make them darker. And, darn it, this always happens! There’s supposed to be backstitching in the E. Meh, too late now.

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