Free King Falls AM Cross Stitch Pattern Logo and Review

King Falls AM Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the logo for King Falls AM, a podcast that I might describe as a more realistic Welcome to Nightvale. Yes weird stuff goes down in King Falls, but a lot of very normal stuff happens too. It’s a good mix. Download the PDF here: King Falls AM Pattern

Grid Size: 100W x 79H
Design Area: 7.14″ x 5.64″ (100 x 79 stitches)
Colors: 7

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King Falls AM Pattern_Page_1

King Falls AM is a podcast emulating a small town late night talk show. The big draw is definitely the characters. There’s a good variety and each one gets enough air time for us to get to know them. My favorite character is Officer Troy. His voice actor plays him so well that he feels completely genuine. He’s written in a way that allows for a range of emotions and situations too. He gets scared a lot but he always pushes through it for some truly epic moments. I also Love Herschel and Cecil. They have an interesting relationship that is allowed to grow and change over the course of the show as Herschel slowly reveals how much Cecil really means to him. It’s unusual to see such a realistic friendship blossom from a relationship that could have come off as abusive in the beginning.

I adore the villains in this show. You get a different mix of corruption, greed, and sadism in each one, from Greg Frickard’s relatively benign delusions to Sherrif Gunderson’s chilling abuse of power, the antagonists are some of the best characters in King Falls. They can really get a reaction out of the protagonists, and that’s what they’re there for! A lot of long running shows fall into the trap of never making any major changes because you always have to return to the status quo. It’s interesting to see a show where the status quo is actually a villain.

King Falls AM is at it’s best when something supernatural happens. They do a good job of setting the scene and making it feel real. A lot of the most memorable parts of the show are times when things get spooky. It’s never all that scary, but there is a good amount of tension.

KFAM isn’t without it’s problems though. If you’re waiting for Emily Potter to “get better”, you’ll be waiting about 60 episodes. Just because you say a character is strong or a bad ass, doesn’t magically make them those things. Honestly, her argument with Cynthia is the best thing she’s done. It’s amazing how great a character can become when you allow her to have more emotions than confusion, mild happiness, and being sick. It’s nice to hear her finally have some opinions for once. It just took forever to get there. I also don’t think they handled the Himinism cult bust very well. There’s almost no build up to the event. Yes, you hear a lot about Himinism, but the big night comes out of nowhere, when it would have helped Emily’s character to have her doing suspicious things in the episodes up to the bust. As it is, I felt like all these women just randomly showed up in the forest one night. Female characters are the show’s weak point, but I do like Mary Jensen and Olivia DuPonte.

Despite it’s flaws, I can definitely recommend King Falls AM. There’s a lot of good fun to be had even though Emily Potter could have been replaced with a dog and had the same impact on the story.


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